Oblivion - The black hole

Italy's first Dive Coaster

Oblivion Xtreme


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A black hole has appeared at Gardaland… it looks like it’s connected to another dimension through a space-time conduct.

You have the possibility of experiencing the adventure of a lifetime… falling vertically through this mysterious portal… experiencing the most extreme, adrenaline-filled rush for body and mind… an experience that is out of this world!

Your mission – one you ought to accept! – will be narrated by us…

Your journey begins with careful preparation of the experience awaiting you… hard training to evaluate and implement your physical and mental reaction capabilities. To cross the black hole climb aboard a futuristic vehicle, but before doing that we will tell you exactly what you must not do, for your own safety. You will be fastened to a special seat, legs dangling in the air… no support under your feet, no protection around you…

Reach the vertiginous height of 42.5 metres, right above the black hole, perfectly placed on the vertical axis. Await… seconds lasting an eternity… your face parallel to the ground, your eyes set on the black hole…

Dropping down in a vertical plunge at the mad speed of over 100 km/h through the black hole, into the space-time conduct… blinded by the strong light emanated; your mind and your body projected into another dimension, but which one!

You are experiencing something that cannot be explained, you are now part of… OBLIVION-THE BLACK HOLE!